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Bee Harmony

Local Raw Midwest

Local Raw Midwest

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Some of our Midwest honey jars have slight to moderate crystallization, which is a natural process that occurs more quickly in raw honey. It’s still perfectly enjoyable — try spreading it on toast, stirring it in hot beverages or savoring it straight off the spoon! You can also reliquefy the honey to make it smooth and pourable again (learn more here).

Our Midwest Raw Wildflower honey highlights the array of floral sources found in the heartland’s wildflower fields and meadows. A light to medium color with a sunny sweetness and floral undertones mark this subtly robust honey — carefully tasted and tested to meet our strict standards for flavor and quality. Every batch has been hand-picked from our best barrels, scored as exceptional by tasting experts and triple tested for purity.

  • Premium raw honey with natural pollen and enzymes
  • Sourced from trusted, select beekeepers committed to tending bees responsibly
  • Comprehensively tested for purity, quality and safety measures
  • Packed and sealed with care in clear glass jars
  • Net Weight: 12 OZ (340g)
  • Product of U.S.A.
  • U.S. Grade A Strained
  • True Source Certified®
  • Kosher for Passover
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Customer Reviews

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I love the different flavors!


Delicious 😋!

Peter Lewis
True Honey

A true product with a deep rich taste.


i like get.

Love this honey

I bought this honey at a local store and since then cannot find where I purchased it. I really enjoyed the taste and really liked the open jar. Can you please tell me what stores carry this Regional Raw Midwest Honey? I Love this honey and would like to be able to purchase this again. Thanks