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Garden Sign: Pesticide Free For Bees (11x8")

Garden Sign: Pesticide Free For Bees (11x8")

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Bee-friendly gardens are naturally healthy gardens! Pesticides are strictly prohibited, and a few flowering weeds are perfectly acceptable. If you’ve got a zero-tolerance policy on pesticides, make sure the world (or at least your neighborhood) knows it. This sign is an effective way to spread the word about your pollinator-friendly practices, while hopefully encouraging others to follow your lead. With its clean design and subtle size, this high-quality sign is a tactful display ideal for use in gardens, landscaping beds, lawns or any other outdoor space.

Sign (11" W x 8" H)
Wood stake (16.5" H)
Bolts, washers and nuts (2 each)
Assembly instructions

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • The sign face is made of Scooter Board, an eco-friendly and recyclable product which meets environmental codes for interior and exterior use, as well as California CARB Phase 1 & 2 Certification for Low Emissions. Under normal conditions, Scooter Board products should last outside for up to four years.
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