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Garden Sign: Beesponsible Garden (11x8")

Garden Sign: Beesponsible Garden (11x8")

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Lots of native flowers and beneficial bugs. A few flowering weeds. Areas of bare dirt. Fallen leaves left undisturbed in winter. Gardens that provide food and shelter for bees don’t fit the standards of a conventional, over-manicured garden. That’s a good thing — but it’s also a concept that needs to be more widely understood and embraced. This sign is the perfect way to bring awareness to your Beesponsible efforts that support these vital pollinators! With its clean design and subtle size, this high-quality sign is a tactful display ideal for use in gardens, landscaping beds, lawns or any other outdoor space.

Sign (11" W x 8" H)
Wood stake (16.5" H)
Bolts, washers and nuts (2 each)
Assembly instructions

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • The sign face is made of Scooter Board, an eco-friendly and recyclable product which meets environmental codes for interior and exterior use, as well as California CARB Phase 1 & 2 Certification for Low Emissions. Under normal conditions, Scooter Board products should last outside for up to four years.
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